Wednesday, May 28, 2008


2008 Illini 4x4 Sarafri

Once again, we had a great time on the trails at the 4x4 Safari put on by the Two Rivers Jeep Club in Southern Illinois!

The first day we headed to the trail Myer's Mayhem, a trail that we've done a few times and really like. Well, this time was a bit different. That area of Illinois had a hard winter with lots of ice and recent rain, so the trails had lots of down trees and very wet. We were only able to do about half of the trail and didn't even see our 2 favorite obstacles this time. We had about 10 Jeeps and a Toyota truck with us.

The first hard obstacle that we came to was a steep muddy hill climb. Nobody made it up even half way, except for us! OverKill's Jeep made it to the top without to much of a problem but lots of mud flying! It was a rush!

The second one was called Hell's Gate. A steep incline (again muddy) to get out of a ravine. It is very common for Jeeps to end up on their sides at this point. A tire has to be in the air when trying the exit properly. Everyone one (except us), was winching out of it. Oh, and we had a little puppy following us all day, so the kids named it Lost. Hope she's okay...

The second day we decided to go on the Susie's Knob trail again. OverKill's Jeep made it up Warren's Revenge with out any issues this year!! (Last year a drive shaft separated as the top was reached). Warren's Revenge is a large rock waterfall and it's at the beginning of the run. Lots of Jeep's break on this obstacle, mainly drive shafts. I had video but the disk decided it didn't want to finalize right, so I lost it... Guess we'll have to do it again next time. The highlight of this run was giving the Toyota a tug out of Full Throttle! I told him he needed to take off an anti-Jeep sticker but he wouldn't do it.

Another Safari on the books and a great time! Looking forward to the 4x4 Blast in August with TRJC!!! Which BTW is now open for registration!

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