Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Exciting news

Hopefully by the end of August we will be sharing some exciting news with all Jeep and 4x4 enthusiasts!
Here's a hint; You will find about it here first but it will involve this page!!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Rock Crawler or Junk?

Okay, we bought this through eBay thinking that we were going to turn it into the rock crawler that they said it could be...

Once we got it home and really looked it over, we changed our minds. We will harvest some of the major parts off of it for a rock crawler but the majority of it will be re-sold or junked. Whoever started building this originally was a back yard mechanic/ fabricator that really had no idea how to build a trail rig. I'm not criticizing, just being honest.


What's OverKill Off Road and who are we?

My name is Lilly and my hubby's name is Mark. We are very big into the Jeep thing and have been for many years. Mark has been into 4x4's since before having a drivers license.
He always bought older Jeeps and built them up and made them stronger. Well, finally he decided that wasn't the way to go because it would never be completely what he wanted. So with the last one he started with a frame and added the things he wanted to it. I'll try to get him to write the more technical stuff about OverKill for you later. The picture of it is in our profile or see some of the build-up pictures at http://www.overkilloffroad.net/overkill.htm .

While in the middle of that project he was finding that companies where not offering things heavy duty enough or exactly what he wanted, so being a tool & die maker by trade be started making his own things. Our Jeep club buddies,
www.jeepalliance.org , decided they liked some of his ideas and wanted Mark to build things for them. That's basically how we got started with OverKill Off Road in a nutshell.

OverKill Off Road was started in a 2 car garage with minimal equipment. We now have a 40 x 60 building with the equipment needed to build, fabricate and weld, including a car lift! (That was my mother's day gift! lol)

We are currently building another Jeep for me!! We're calling that Lil Overkill. It will be overkill for a daily grocery getter but more then capable on the trails. As long as I can drive it correctly. You can see the pictures to that at Lil OverKill
. We're still debating on the final color of it, but that's a ways away at this point anyway.

There is also another project underway in the shop, but I'll have to ask the owner if I can discuss that here. It's pretty cool too!

As a side note - I have an eBay store,

http://stores.ebay.com/Jewels-To-Auto-Parts?refid=store , where there are some Auto Parts at the moment. In the very near future there will be Jeep parts and off roading parts listed, So go check it out too! LADIES - There is a LOT of vintage costume jewelry for you there!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


NEW WebSite, same address!

Good day to everyone!
Just wanted to give a quick update. We started (actually re-designed) our whole website. It's not completely done yet but the basics are there. I will updating it as time permits with details and products!
Some of the links from the older posts may not work so I'm giving a quick list of new links here!
Home page http://www.overkilloffroad.net/
Products http://www.overkilloffroad.net/products.htm
Projects http://www.overkilloffroad.net/projects.htm
Original OverKill
Lil OverKill
Fun Photos http://www.overkilloffroad.net/photos.htm

Alright, we had to delete the guestbook as morons were using it as their own spam links for un-family like sites, if you know what I mean... BUT if you would like to email me or use the feedback form, I would be glad to add your comments to the site! http://www.overkilloffroad.net/feedback.htm
(we were unable to save the enteries from our previous site. So, if you signed it before, Please do again! We miss you!)
See you there!!
If you have a 4x4 related site and would like to exchange links, we're open to that also. Just email me from www.OverKillOffRoad.net , there's a link to my email at the bottom!

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