Saturday, September 24, 2005


Just some pictures of OverKill

Just thought I should probably add a few pictures of us off roading. It really does get used for what it was built for, not just a pretty Jeep! There aren't a lot of pictures of our Jeep doing the extreme things because I prefer to ride then to get out and take pictures.

Attica 2004

MudFest 2005

OctoberFest 2004

Fun w/ friends

Family Fun Pig Roast 2005

OctoberFest 2004 w/ Hooter's girls

Thursday, September 22, 2005


UpGrade to OverKill's Engine - TPiS

I haven't been able to get Mark to sit down and give me a list of technical stuff on OverKill yet but I do know that he upgraded the motor! It has a small block Chevy in it that had the fuel injection set-up (I think that's what it was called) out of a camero. (see more pictures at OverKill Off Road web site - www.OverKillOffRoad.NET )

We had to upgrade that, it wouldn't do wheelies! He recently purchased a kit from TPIS that included an intake manifold, 52 mm throttle body, fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator and the matching cam. Now it sounds like a drag car! This kit is suppose to give it 100 more horse power, so that should put it over 500 horse.

Well, Mark thought something still wasn't right so again he called the guys at TPIS and they were more then happy to hear from him and sell him a new computer chip! The chip came in on Tues., he installed it on Wens. and took it for a test drive.

Okay, remember this Jeep has 39.5" off road tires. There are big black marks on the road leading to the shop now. Anyone that knows oversized built-up vehicles; know that big motors + big tires + burn-outs = broken drive shafts!! Even I know this. He was just so excited that it is finally running the way that he wants it to, he wanted to see if it would do a wheelie! Good thing a friend of ours builds custom drive shafts, but they're expensive buggers to keep replacing.

I do want to say that Mark really likes the guys at . They are very knowledgeable and very friendly, we highly recommend them for upgrading motors.

Well, that's the highlights of the newest improvements to our OverKill. Don't forget to stop by . There will be Jeep & Chevy parts coming soon to so keep checking!

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