Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Jeep 4x4 Safari

It's that time of year again with Two Rivers Jeep Club putting on the 4x4 Safari! This is one of our favorite runs of the year.
The whole town gets behind this club and this club helps the community with these runs. They raise money for childrens sports and help the people that need help in the area.
All of the trails for these runs are on private property and the club works really hard to maintain them. The trails range from mild to pretty wild! There are pixtures on our website of some pretty exciting times with a video or 2!
I just heard from one of the members down there, and their registration numbers are really down. If you're within a days drive to this, we highly recommend this event. There are door prizes and auctions and raffles both nights, that sometimes get a little crazy. You wheel all day for 2 days. They feed you breakfast and dinner! You can buy sack lunches across the parking lot for the trails. It's top notch and very well organized.
No, we're not getting anything for letting people know about it. We just truly believe it's a great run and we love how the Club donates everything they can back to their local community. This is one of those runs that we said we would not miss since the first one we attended. I actually volunteer to help with registration check-in!
Besides, wait until you see the new modifications we did to the OverKill Jeep this year! (more on that later).
Come on, register for a Safari!!!

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